Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms

Hello Everyone!

While lipsticks are lovely and usually the most pigmented lip products out there, balms, stains, glosses, and tints still have their place in this world. Lip balm is especially important for those of us who are prone to chapped lips. Personally, because I have struggled with keeping my lips moisturized while wearing lipsticks, I enjoy using tinted lip balms for an easy, every day look. Thus, today's product is the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms, specifically #15 Cherry Me and #85 Oh! Orange!

First of all these balms both smell amazing, exactly like the fruits they are named after. Secondly, they are highly nourishing, so they're a good choice for a nightly routine as well as wearing out and about. Oh! Orange!, in the black packaging, has been my nightly staple for months, although I will wear it during the day occasionally. This particular color does not have a lot of coverage or pigment, which can be a drawback despite how good it is for your lips. Which brings us to Cherry Me, in the orange packaging. This color, a bright red, is much more pigmented than Oh! Orange! and therefore I find myself wearing it much more often. Also, the Cherry Me color has and SPF of 20, which makes it perfect for summertime, when it is often too hot for lipstick anyways.

Available at Target, most drug stores, and online at for $3.99.

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