Sunday, May 11, 2014

Work Outfit 3

Hello everyone!!

Continuing with this work wear series, I wanted to share with all of you a slightly more conservative and professional looking outfit, for anyone who needs to look a little more dressed up for work. This outfit, though feminine and stylish, is very simple, quiet, and affordable. 

The shirt I am wearing is a collared, long sleeved, cream colored blouse from Forever 21. I think everyone, working or not, should own a long sleeved collared shirt. They are the perfect way to make an outfit look more formal or presentable, and white goes with practically everything. I particularly love this blouse because of it's lack of structure. Most collared shirts can easily wrinkle, and look puffy under sweaters and dresses. This shirt, however, is very thin and soft, making it the perfect layering piece.

My dress is also from Forever 21, and it is a very simple, sleeveless grey dress that falls to the knee. I find this dress very appropriate for the office because of the length and the neckline. It may be conservative for some, but when entering a work place for the first time, it's generally best to stay on the conservative side.

My shoes are from Chinese Laundry and they are fairly simple black leather pumps, which are not too high and therefore pretty easy to walk in. As usual, I carried my black H&M bag (not pictured) which I find perfect for carrying all of my stuff to and from work.

Since I was wearing a collar, I decided to put my hair up into a bun so that my shoulders and the collar were visible, and also so that my hair wouldn't be getting in my face during the day.

As always, comment below with any post suggestions and I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

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