Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Office Pants

So I've realize that a lot of working women wear dresses and skirts, and I think that this is because women's slacks are very unflattering and rather boring. However, I have found a pair if formal pants, that would work in most offices, that I love. Just be advised that some work places require you to dress very conservatively, and you should follow their dress code, not mine. 

This is what I wore to work on Monday. My pants are from gap and they are super comfortable and fit very well. The pattern on the pants looks like this:

The pants themselves are a very dark navy blue, with royal blue and white diamona all over. The print is simple and subtle enough to work in an office. However, I would wear anything bolder than this, nor would I pair these pants with a bright or printed top. 

My sweater is from J Crew and is probably the work wear piece that I wear most often. It's a perfect neural color that works great for spring, it fits well, and I can wear it with pants or a skirt. 

My shoes are black pumps by Chinese Laundry (I got them off Amazon) and I brought my regular work bag (not pictured). 

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!

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